Baseball Backs Boston


The tragedy that took place during the Boston Marathon this past Monday was nothing short of horrifying. We’ll leave the details and the unfortunate happenings for the press. In response to the bombings that took place, the sports world jumped at the opportunity to show it’s support. All across the nation teams were taking moments of silence, showing messages of support on the jumbotrons, and writing “Boston Strong” on uniforms. Ben Revere went as far as writing “PRAY for Boston” on a piece of tape attached to his glove. To make it better, Revere made an absoltely outstanding catch during the game that is being considered as the play of the year. Major league baseball teams played “Sweet Caroline”, which, if you don’t know, is one of Fenway Park’s greatest traditions. The most notable team to play “Sweet Caroline” would be the New York Yankees, the Red Sox’s biggest rival. Here’s a nice clip of the support shown by the Yankee faithful.

Another absolutely touching moment came during the National Anthem at the Boston Bruins first game since the tragedy. I know it’s not baseball, but it is sports bringing people together. The Bruins were hosting the Buffalo Sabres and during the National Anthem the entire crowd joined in for what can only be described as one of the most touching moments in Boston Bruins history.

Even though sports can, and usually does, spur hatred and bring out the absolute worst in people, everyone across the sports world has come to the support of Boston. Even though fans often hate each other, every team and their fans banded together to not just pray and show their support for Boston, but to show that baseball, and all sports, can be used for more good than bad. Baseball has banded in times of trouble from 9/11, the Newtown Tragedy, to this Boston Marathon bombing. When people need a place to get away from tragedies and travesties, they look to things like sporting events. Baseball is famous for being able to get people to band together as a community and overcome times of hardship. The Boston Marathon bombings are no different. Major League Baseball is doing everything they can possibly do for the fans and they are coming out smelling like a rose bringing the baseball community to the support of Boston.

Boston is nothing short of a great city. The people of Boston and all of the people affected by this tragedy will bounce back stronger than ever.  In the words of Stephen Colbert “these maniacs may have tried to make life bad for the people of Boston, but all they can ever do is show just how good those people are.”


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