Opening Day Notes


Now that every team has played at least one game it’s a pretty good time to talk about some things that stood out:

  • Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez both have two bombs in two games. If their pop comes back the NL West just turned into a 4 team race leaving just the Padres out of it.
  • The Yankees are going to really struggle this year. Their “survive until Jeter gets back” mentality is not going to work for the injured Yankee lineup. They are going to have to figure something else out.
  • On the note of the Yankees Joba Chamberlain’s mustache is already in mid-season form, his pitching however, is not.
  • Speaking of facial hair, Danny Espinosa of the Nationals has a playoff beard going that would make Scotty Hartnell blush. Apparently Espinosa has high hopes for the Nats this year.
  • One more facial hair comment, how about goatee-less Kevin Youkilis. When Johnny Damon jumped ship from the BoSox to the Bronx Bombers he cut his famous flowing locks, apparently Youk had to shave his glorious goatee.
  • The umpires are still a little rusty. A couple of really bad calls during the Astros-Rangers game was just the tip of the iceberg, let’s hope that improves.
  • Apparently Clayton Kershaw can do everything. Pitched a shutout and went deep, have yourself a day Mr. Kershaw.
  • Probably the most disappointing fact about Opening Day is that overly biased fans still exist. Mets, Astros, Cubs, and Red Sox fans are all saying World Series or bust because they won their respective Opening Days. Be excited, your team won! That’s great! But don’t go talking trash to other fans and say things like “the Mets are now the favorite to win the division because they won Opening Day against the Padres. Get real. It’s a shame that fans like this can give all baseball fans, including realistic and knowledgeable baseball fans, a bad name.
  • Another disappointment would be ESPN still drools over Bryce Harper. You have to hand it to the kid for hitting 2 bombs in his first two ABs, but saying he’s the front runner for MVP? Come on, that’s way to early to call.
  • Speaking of players ESPN loves, their new darling this year appears to be Jackie Bradley Jr. of the Red Sox. Bradley Jr. walked 3 times during C.C.’s struggles and now ESPN is ready to hand him the AL Rookie of the Year. Again, what the hell, it’s been one game.
  • King Felix reigns supreme, shutting the Athletics down. Maybe the Mariners emerge as a sleeper team…but probably not.
  • Yu’s got what he needs. Darvish channeled his inner Mike Mussina by going 8 2/3 perfect innings before Marwin Gonzalez went five hole on Darvish for the Astros first hit.
  • Apparently the Astros can’t do ANYTHING right, a guy has thrown 26 outs of perfect baseball and you go and ruin it. Even the Houston fans (minus the guy giving the camera the double bird) were upset that history was broken up.
  • A final thought, most stadiums were sold out on their respective Opening Days, but most of those “fans” are the fans who go to Opening Day and never return to the ballpark that season. These kind of people go to Opening Day for the to be seen and so they can brag about how they went to Opening Day. Really screws the dedicated fans who try come out to the ballpark on a regular basis.

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