All Star game victory, who will it be this year?

The New York Mets will be hosting the MLB All Star game at Citi Field this year and even though its far away there is still the giant question, who is going to win this battle? After looking at previous records, the last time the National league has won more than 3 All Star games in a row was from 1972-1982, overall The NL has been better by winning 5 games more than the AL. I believe that if the AL All Star team has more players from every team, rather than being from the Yankees there might be a chance that they will win, It is time to let the great younger players get there All-Star time, like Manny Machado, Yoenis Cespedes, Drew Hutchinson, etc. So I am deffinitly going with an American League win this year, they lost 8-0 the previous year with Justin Verlander allowing 5 runs in only 1 inning!
The AL is not happy and everyone should notice that.

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