2013 Third Basemen Rankings


Third Basemen Rankings

1.) Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) – Kind of goes without explanation why Cabrera tops the list, but in case you live under a rock, he won the Triple Crown!! Arguably the best hitter in baseball right now and is poised to have another great season at the plate.

2.) Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) – Capable of 30 HRs, 100 RBIs, and 100 Runs. If he can stay healthy this season he is going to knock the cover off the ball more than a few times.

3.) Adrian Beltre (Rangers) – An outstanding .321 avg for a guy with 36 swats in 2012. Beltre is a big dude who can absolutely smoke the ball into the bleachers. Now that the Rangers are sans-Josh Hamilton, Beltre is easily the biggest power threat.

4.) David Wright (Mets) – Captain America will be ready for Opening Day. Have to give him credit for sticking with the Mets organization when it’s evident that the Mets won’t be winning a title anytime soon. Expect 25 HRs, 100 RBIs and his swipes will be in the neighborhood of 15 this year.

5.) Chase Headley (Padres) – Odds of a Padre to lead the NL in RBI’s? Same as the fastest man in the world being named Bolt…oh wait. Unfortunately Headley will miss the first few weeks of the 2013 campaign.

6.) Evan Longoria (Rays) – Health concerns have hindered Longoria’s potential to be a super star in this League. Lacks the batting average to be an elite offensive force, still a lot of pop in his bat.

7.) Brett Lawrie (Blue Jays) – Will unfortunately start the season on the DL. However, when he returns he will have Mr. Reyes hitting in front of him which will spell disaster for opposing pitchers.

8.) Will Middlebrooks (Red Sox) – A 75 game phenom who needs to prove that he can hang with big boys. Needs to lower his strikeout numbers and avoid a sophomore slump.

9.) David Freese (Cardinals) – The 2011 playoffs didn’t vault him into the 2012 that most expected, but he is still above average with the stick. The Cardinals need Freese to be a superstar this year if they have any hopes of winning.

10.) Martin Prado (Diamondbacks) – A durable and versatile player who is sitting on a nice new contract with the Diamondbacks. Was good in Atlanta, could be great in Arizona.


1.) Todd Frazier (Reds) – With Rolen out of the way Frazier is primed for an all-star season. Big things in Frazier’s future.

2.) Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians) – 2008 1st round draft pick will get his chance this season to be the starter.

3.) Jordan Pacheco (Rockies) – Was in the top 5 in avg in the NL. Gets on a lot, but the Rocks getting get him in.

4.) Manny Machado (Orioles) – Hopefully the move from SS to 3B doesn’t take away from his offensive numbers.

5.) Luis Cruz (Dodgers) – Finally at age 29 got his big break. Should benefit from the Dodgers stacked lineup.


1.) Aramis Ramirez (Brewers) – Don’t count on his 2012 2nd half .990 OPS again, aging and losing his swing.

2.) Pablo Sandoval (Giants) – His size and massive amounts of injuries have limited in the past 2 years. Could start season in the DL.

3.) Pedro Alvarez (Pirates) – 30 swats were great, but 180 K’s and a .244 avg is not what the Pirates are looking for right now.

4.) Juan Francisco (Braves) – too long of a swing and will start the season in a platoon role. Definitely no Chipper.

5.) Mike Moustakas (Royals) – This hurts because he was a sleeper in 2012, but his .242 avg with 124 K’s just doesn’t cut it.


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