2013 American League Predictions

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2013 American League Predictions

We here at 28th out spent hours and hours running mathematical equations and building models to determine our American League predictions. Ok, not really, just hours spent debating and stat crunching. Here are our picks with explanations for each.


1.) BALTIMORE ORIOLES – I’m buying the bird! A young crop of kids who can rake and run. Pitching is a little bit of a worry, but if they get to the 9th with the lead Jim Johnson is one of the best closers is the biz.

2.) TORONTO BLUE JAYS – The Yankees have shown money wins the AL East, however, I don’t think the Blue Jays will quite have enough, but fear not Blue Jays fans, they make the playoffs as a wild card.

3.) NEW YORK YANKEES – Although being old and decrepit seems to be a requirement to make the team, the Yankees always seem to be in the hunt. No playoffs for the Bronx Bombers this year though

4.) TAMPA BAY RAYS – The Rays trade away Scott Shields for Wil Myers, a great move for the future, but the loss of a dominant starter hurts the Rays this year. Good year, not great, no playoffs for the Rays.

5.) BOSTON RED SOX – I’m putting the BoSox in the basement. Why? Because they’re in the toughest division in baseball and don’t have an identity as a team. Rough year for the BoSox much like last year.


1.) DETROIT TIGERS – The Motor City will be all fired up this year. A triple crown winner, a 30+ homerun hitter, a Cy Young candidate, and guess what Victor Martinez is back. Big year for the Tigers.

2.) CHICAGO WHITE SOX – The White Sox have the potential to overtake the Tigers, but will the pitching be there? Will they be able to get consistent play from their allstars like Adam Dunn? No playoffs.

3.) KANSAS CITY ROYALS – Country Breakfast is going to lead his boys into 3rd place this year, just edging the Indians, but being nowhere close to contention. The playoff drought continues for the Royals

4.) CLEVELAND INDIANS – The Indians haven’t had anything to celebrate since 1964 and well let’s be honest, Bourn and Swisher are nice, but they aren’t going to get you to the playoffs…or even close.

5.) MINNESOTA TWINS – The Twins are in the basement. Mauer and Morneau are good, but can you name other players on the team? Can you name the starting rotation?


1.) LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM –  Jared Weaver, Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, no, that’s not the starting lineup of the All-Star game, it’s the 2013 Angels

2.) OAKLAND ATHLETICS – Led by Yoenis Cespedes, and a bunch of pitchers nobody has ever heard of but turns out they’re pretty good, the Athletics will coast into the 2nd wild card position.

3.) TEXAS RANGERS – The Rangers dominant reign in the AL West has come to a screeching halt. Following last season’s collapse the Rangers let Hamilton walk and are sending Profar to AAA. No playoffs.

4.) SEATTLE MARINERS – Look at it this way, there is absolutely no way the Mariners will come in last this season! Could mix it up with Texas for the 3 spot, but not enough to get to the post season.

5.) HOUSTON ASTROS – The Lastros will live up to their name yet again. After literally trading away the entire team except Altuve and a couple lucky pitchers, the Astros will continue to rebuild.


  1. Steve 46th

    We O’s fans have been waiting a long time for a team to get excited about. Last season, they came out of nowhere and caught a few opponents unprepared. This season, only the unconscious will not be giving them tough attention. If the starting and middle innings pitching holds up, it’ll go well for the O’s.

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