2013 Second Basemen Rankings

Jackie Robinson

Second Basemen Rankings

1.) Robinson Cano (Yankees) – Aside from the awful performance in the HR derby and 3-40 playoffs, Cano has separated himself as an elite 2nd baseman. Hopefully he gets back to his .313 avg, 33 HRs, 94 RBIs, and 105 Runs scored.

2.) Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) – Very solid offensive threat who swings a very smooth stick. The BoSox need him to be at the top of his game if the expect to finish anywhere but last in the AL East.

3.) Brandon Phillips (Reds) – Self-proclaimed “ya favorite athlete’s favorite athlete”, Dat Dude BP was the 2nd most consistent second baseman behind Cano. Needs to use Choo’s high OBP to his advantage.

4.) Jason Kipnis (Indians) – Who? His average is nothing short of, well, average, but his 30 stolen bases and the pop in his bat make up for his average. Could benefit from Bourn and Swisher coming to the Indians.

5.) Ben Zobrist (Rays) – Super utility helps Zobrist get playing time. Oh yeah, and the 20 HRs, 74 RBIs, and 88 Runs help too. Another big improvement for Zobrist was his 2011 1.66 K/BB ration dropped to 1.06 K/BB in 2012.

6.) Ian Kinsler (Rangers) – Only positive stat that rose from 2011 to 2012 was his average…by .001. Still a franchise player with 19 HRs, 72 RBIs, and 105 Runs. Let’s see how long he stays at 2nd.

7.) Aaron Hill (Diamondbacks) – Is he finally over the hill? .302 avg last year says ehhh, look at previous years. However, 26 HRs says alright, I’ll draft ya.

8.) Jose Altuve (Astros) – Last years big sleeper notched 33 swiped bags, 8o Runs, and hit at a .290 clip. Let hope he doesn’t hit a sophomore slump and come up “short” in 2013.

9.) Howie Kendrick (Angels) – A 3-year average of .284 avg, 12 HRs, 68 RBIs, 70 Runs, and 14 SBs get Kendrick on the list. He could potentially benefit from the Angels stacked lineup, but don’t expect much over his average numbers.

10.) Danny Espinosa (Nationals) – He needs to put an end to his sophomore slump. Following a great breakout year in 2011, Espinosa disappointed fantasy owners across the board in 2012. However, his 15 swats and 15 swipes get him on the list.


1.) Josh Rutledge (Rockies) – 7 swipes in as many attempts in 73 games. Great things for this young man in his future. Will start for the Rocks.

2.) Donovan Solano (Marlins) – Big hype prospect who also has 7 swipes in as many attempts. He’s got speed in a huge ballpark.

3.) Steve Lombardozzi (Nationals) – Added OF to his list of positions last year. Needs to get regular player time and more power.

4.) Logan Forsythe (Padres) – .273 avg in first full-ish season. All around good prospect looking for playing time.

5.) Brian Dozier (Twins) – His minor league numbers were great, his rookie numbers, not so much. Has potential to be a good asset.


1.) Chase Utley (Phillies) – Chondromalcia isn’t some foreign country or a phobia,  it’s Utley’s injury. Hard to be good when you’re always injured.

2.) Neil Walker (Pirates) – Bothered by a herniated disk. Only had 1 HR in 320 ABs against RHP. Not good numbers at all.

3.) Dustin Ackley (Mariners) – A whopping .226 avg in his first full season in the bigs doesn’t bode well for this season.

4.) Rickie Weeks (Brewers) – A .230 avg, declining numbers on a declining team in a strong division.

5.) Marco Scutaro (Giants) – Don’t let the post-season heroics fool you. Had a sub-par regular season last year, expect the same this year.


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