2013 National League Predictions


2013 National League Predictions

We here at the 28th Out have put countless ours into deciding who we think will take the National League. Here are our picks and a little explanation as to why we picked them


1.) ATLANTA BRAVES – The Tomahawk-Choppers take the closest division race in baseball. The Braves led by their unbelievable outfield, slam the door on the Nationals. Top seed in the NL

2.) WASHINGTON NATIONALS – Their pitching is outstanding, absolutely dominant. However can the offense produce? That giant question is what keeps the Nats from taking the division. #1 wildcard though.

3.) PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES – They aren’t going to be good, but with Utley and Howard on the team anything can happen. In the Phillies case that anything is 3rd place and missing out on the playoffs.

4.) NEW YORK METS – In the leagues best battle for the basement the Mets just get edged by the Marlins. The rebuilding Mets struggle this year now that they’ve lost their Dickey. No playoffs.

5.) MIAMI MARLINS – I don’t know what’s worse, the team Jeffrey Loria has decided to put on the field or the hideous statue in center field. Either way the Marlins occupy the NL East basement.


1.) CINCINNATI REDS – By adding a leadoff hitter the Redlegs have filled their biggest hole. Hop aboard the Choo Choo train Reds fans because the division title stays in the Queen City this year. Big year.

2.) ST. LOUIS CARDINALS – The Red Birds come up short in the division. Too many holes in the St. Louis lineup that has been plagued with injuries in Spring Training. Miss out on the playoffs.

3.) PITTSBURGH PIRATES – I’m really not sure what it is, but the Pirates keep signing has-beens and expect them to lead them to the World Series. Somebody needs to tell them that’s not how it works.

4.) MILWAUKEE BREWERS – The Brew Crew fights the Buccos for 3rd, but a lack of offense and a potential suspension for Ryan Braun kill the Brewers.

5.) CHICAGO CUBS – The Curse of the Billy Goat continues to squelch Theo Epstein’s attempt to bring any kind of success to the Cubs. With the Astros out of the division, the Cubs take over the basement.


1.) LOS ANGELES DODGERS – Magic Johnson bought himself a nice lineup. The Dodgers knock of the Giants for the top spot in the West led by Greinke and Magic Johnson’s pocketbook.

2.) SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS – The Giants miss out on the division title but still have a great year thanks to a solid rotation and the MVP behind the plate. Second wild card for the defending champs.

3.) ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS – They trade away Bauer and Upton, two of there best players, and get prospects. I’m assuming the Dbacks have conceded the division this year. No playoffs.

4.) COLORADO ROCKIES – Tulo is back from injury and will hopefully stay healthy. However, the Rocks don’t have the pitching or the offense outside of Tulo and CarGo. Tough year for the Rockies. 

5.) SAN DIEGO PADRES – The Friars are plagued with a lack of offense, partly because of the stadium and partly because they don’t have an offensive threat. Grandal’s 50 game susp. hurts, Pads in the basement

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