2013 MLB Playoff Predictions


2013 MLB Playoff Predictions

We here at Baseball’s 28th Out have shown you our regular season predictions. Now it’s time for our October baseball predictions.

Here they are:

National League:


#1 Nationals vs. #2 Giants

The Nationals take the Wild Card due to superior pitching. The Giants stack up very well against most teams pitching wise, but the Nationals have the best pitching staff in the league. Nationals win.


#2 Reds vs. #3 Dodgers

The Reds and Dodgers both have stacked lineups, however, the Reds have something the Dodgers lack; team chemistry. The Dodgers struggled at the end of last season because of the last of a team identity and it will cost them again against the loaded Reds lineup. Reds win.

#1 Braves vs. #4 Nationals

The Nationals pitching comes through again. The Braves bolstered their lineup by adding both Uptons, but lost their leader in Chipper Jones. The Braves cannot contend with the pitching staff of the Nationals and they stumble in what shapes up to be a great series. Nationals win.


#2 Reds vs. #4 Nationals

Guess what, the Nationals pitching staff stays hot. The Reds will do the opposite of last year and play better at home than on the road, but they will not be able to beat the Nationals pitching. In 7 games, the Nationals take the series and move on the world series. Nationals win.

American League


#1 Blue Jays vs. #2 Athletics

The Blue Jays break out the boom sticks and smash the Athletics pitching staff. The Athletics hang around, but in the end, the power and star studded lineup of the Blue Jays wins this one. Blue Jays win.


#2 Angels vs. #3 Orioles

The Orioles pitching can’t contain the power of the Angels lineup. The small ball Orioles scrape a few runs, but cannot keep pace with the overpowering lineup of the Angels. Angels win.

#1 Tigers vs. #4 Blue Jays

The Tigers dominate the Blue Jays in every aspect of the game. The Blue Jays, on paper, look like they can match up with the Tigers, but the Blue Jays lack of team chemistry ends their playoff run. Tigers win.


#1 Tigers vs. #2 Angels

In an absolute slug fest of a series the Tigers pitching will be able to stop the bleeding before the Angels pitching staff can. The Angels sluggers leave it all on the diamond, but in the end, the pitching staff loses this one for the Angels. Tigers move on to their 2nd world series in as many years. Tigers win.

World Series

#1 Tigers vs #4 Nationals

Two opposing team strategies, the Nationals a pitching dominant team, and the Tigers, an offensively dominant team. The winner will be the team that can shut down the other team’s strength. The Tigers are going to need to flex their muscles and plant a lot of souvenirs into the outfield bleachers. The Nationals will need to slow the game down and let their pitching staff do what they’ve done all season long: win. In what will be a thriller of a series the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series because they will be able to get to the Nationals pitching staff that carried the Nats this far. The Nationals pitchers give it everything they’ve got, but their youth and lack of offense leaves the Nationals with just a pennant and not a ring. The Detroit Tigers win.

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