2013 Catcher Rankings

Carlton Fisk


1.) Buster Posey (Giants) – .336 avg, 24 HR, 103 RBIs, 78 Runs. Can’t argue with the stats and neither could the Baseball Writers of America when they awarded Posey the MVP award. Oh yeah, and he led the Giants to the World Series title.

2.) Joe Mauer (Twins) – Aside from getting girls with his Head and Shoulders washed hair, he hits .300 and drives in 80 base runners. He needs to stay healthy and have his power numbers show up this season.

3.) Miguel Montero (Dbacks) – Joe Mauer-esque numbers with a little more power. If he stays consistent and doesn’t slump off, he will have a great season in the desert.

4.) Yadier Molina (Cardinals) – A career year for Molina in 2012. He posted a .315 – 22 – 76 season with 12 stolen bases. If he repeats those numbers he is #2. His power seems to grow with age, just means we fans get to say Yadios even more.

5.) Sal Perez (Royals) – Sidelined by a knee injury for 1/2 the 2012 season, Mr. Perez is back with a vengeance, and he’s showing it this spring. Royals and fantasy owners expect big things from this kid.

6.) Wilin Rosario (Rockies) – Hit 28 bombs in 117 games last season. Obviously playing in the launching pad that is Coors Field helps, but this kid can crank in any park. Be glad defense doesn’t matter in most fantasy leagues.

7.) Matt Weiters (Orioles) – Hits .333 from the right. Struggles mightily from the left. You’re guess is as good as mine as to why he still hits switch. Still a great offensive threat.

8.) Jesus Montero (Mariners) – A .260 avg with 15 HRs might seem a little lame, but Safe-Co moved the left field fence in 17 feet this off season. Mr. Montero’s power numbers will be aided by the shortened fence.

9.) Ryan Doumit (Twins) – Should qualify as a catcher in every league. Will have regular playing time whether it is at C, 1B, or DH. Career numbers say to expect about .255 avg with 14 HRs, not bad numbers by any means.

10.) Carlos Ruiz (Phillies) – The 25-game suspension drops him in the list. Hopefully his numbers last season were not inflated by the PEDs for which he was suspended. Hit .325 with 16 swats last season. Expect more of a .290 with 12 HRs this season.


1.) Travis D’Arnaud (Mets) – More hype for this young man than Bryce Harper ever had. Mets calling him future of the organization.

2.) Wellington Castillo (Cubs) – Could be the cornerstone of the Cubs batting order for years to come, worth a look.

3.) Derek Norris (Athletics) – Has a great glove and is a born leader. Needs the stick to come a round and improve from AAA power.

4.) Rob Brantley (Marlins) – In 100 ABs he only launched 3, but he has been likened to Joe Mauer. Will start in Miami.

5.) Hector Giminez (White Sox) – If Tyler Flowers falters, Giminez, with his good looking offensive numbers, will get playing time.


1.) Carlos Santana (Indians) – every year seems to be deemed his “potential break out year”…when will we actually see it?

2.) Brian McCann ( Braves) – 29 going on 39. Injury prone. A .230 avg isn’t worth the lack of games played.

3.) A.J. Pierzynski (Rangers) – A 35 year old catcher with 25 HRs? He will not repeat those numbers this year, he’s no Carlton Fisk.

4.) Jonathon Lucroy ( Brewers) – A career .270 hitter hit .320 last season. He doesn’t repeat, and Maldanado is chomping at the bit.

5.) J.P. Arencibia (Blue Jays) – 18 HRs looks nice, but a sub-.235 avg and a yearly decline in numbers looks really bad.


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